All-In-One Solution

Do not install third party libraries or software : Netwoof cares about everything, from A to Z ! You can even get additional services and support from our teams. Just ask for it !

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Cloud, SaaS and Big Data

How to manage big databases, grow efficiently and add new robots everyday with minimum server maintenance ? Use a cloud based solution, that scales resources to your needs in a few clicks !

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APIfy the Web

The whole the Internet becomes an API that feets your needs. You can automate form submission, sign up action or data crawling.

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All-In-One Solution And 100% SaaS !

Configure, run, schedule, store and consume at the same time. No plugin, no software setup required. You can use Netwoof from anywhere and share data with people and applications at anytime.

All In One


Cloud, SaaS and Big Data No system headache

Full SaaS architecture lets you manage your resources and grow as you need. You can manage disk space, robot servers, used resources to fit your requirements.

APIfy the Web RESTful way

Netwoof can be used to crawl data, post forms or use search engines. You can automate any action that humans do on the Web like connecting to a website, or fill complex forms. You can even parametrize robots to tailor their behaviour !

Whether you are interested in products, articles, comments or anything else, define your personal data model, use it accross several websites, and get unified and structured results.