Solr is here !

Next monday you will be able to use the all new version of Netwoof. This one fully integrates Solr in its API, so you can use Netwoof’s API as you use Solr one. You can now build you own indexer and search engine in a few minutes !

All in one solution

Web scraping, screen scraping, data mining, crawling, task automation no matter how you call it. Netwoof allows to build a scraping or automation scenario in few seconds! Not a developer? No problem. Netwoof is for everyone. Advanced features permit to organize data, apply specific format and index data according to your will.

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Cloud, SaaS and Big Data

Netwoof is 100% SaaS. Netwoof is the easiest and the fastest way to ingrate data in your information system. Our Big Data solution can store several billion of object (product, article, profile,…). Netwoof scalability is infinitely thanks to the management of your virtual machines since our interface of administration.

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A complete API

Schedule your robots as you want. Consume your data graph in few milliseconds. Integrate Netwoof within your applications through our Restfull API! This API is compatible with all programming languages and all web standards!

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You want to write continuous integration tests? Do web scraping or screen scraping easily? Netwoof is the solution! Without any technical knowledge, create complex scenarios with Netwoof toolbox and Netwoof artificial intelligence. Netwoof is used in many cases like e-reputation, environmental scanning, scientific monitoring, business intelligence, industrial watch, legal watch, regulatory monitoring, competitors monitoring, technology watch, market watch, price monitoring and many other cases. All in for the best competitive price!